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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


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Jean G Casanova

The water comes from Alaska not anywhere else alaska's constantly throwing all its fresh water into the Pacific Ocean all we want to do is divert that water from that water from going into the Pacific Ocean and bringing all that water down a river across Canada into the United States why waste all that wonderful water from the free stall cycle of Alaska

Fernando Pereyra

Why Nobody talks about this NAWAPA Project in the news? Whats really going ON?

Eric Hirtle

As I write, water shortages loom in California and elsewhere. People respond to articles concerning this; some people will poke fun at Christians, e.g. Pray for rain and "Jay-sus" will return and save us." Yet God created human beings with reason and creativity to solve problems, and here is an example. NAWAPA is an extremely ambitious project and it will work, given the proper leadership. There is the problem. Most US citizens have had their thinking diverted. They fear the use of nuclear power needed to raise water over the Montana mountains, or they fear the "environmental damage" this project will cause. They do not realize that human beings are commanded by God to take dominion of creation (Genesis 1:26-28). We should be good stewards and not pollute excessively, but we should not allow snail darters and other endangered species to halt progress!
I am so pleased to see other countries, eg China, that have embraced this idea and are progressing forward! For all like-minded people, keep fighting the good fight!

Fern Henley

We, the people, can either put another TVA or a Grand Coulee dam project in place to hire 8 million citizens or not. Taking charge of our water in North America makes sense to me as it did to JFK before his death. Sidetracked by wars and bailouts we can get on with a science based economy and live in prosperity with NAWAPA or not. We can circle the wagons globally and prepare for strange weather/earthquakes/asteroids or not. I believe we will chose NAWAPA because the most complex unit known to humans is between our ears and we came from the factory with a desire not to become extinct. Happy New 2013 and hallowed be.


A man approached me at the Alameda County Fair yesterday, trying to convince me that this would work and how "unfairly" LaRouche was targeted by the evil federal government. Now I know how corrupt the court system is and that I was completely denied due process in family court because I could not afford representation. So I listened. THEN today I researched LaRouche. Sorry I allowed one of his "followers" to waste my precious time. Any organization that hates Israel and forces abortions is not one I will ever get involved in. Yeah, the guy was really intense and determined. But he was also acting like he was disclosing trade secrets. Oh, and just so you know... according to dude at the fair, just like our president signed an executive order to assassinate Qaddafi, (i.e. murder the head of state of a foreign country) the British royalty is next. Why oh why can a Sociopath like LaRouche convince literally thousands of people to give him millions of their hard earned dollars to his evil, wacko waste of time water megalomaniac water project and I have to work just to convince people to take a vacation without any catch behind it. A creep like that is "trustworthy" and someone like me with integrity is considered a threat. I just want earn enough money to be able to buy my kids food and clothes and keep a roof over our heads... while that wanker wants to rule the world. I guess I am not setting my goals high enough. Please everyone who donates to LaRouche, just send me $1. That's all I ask.

A Facebook User

The NAWAPA Project being promoted by is a dead horse that has no reason to be resurrected.
The diversion of Canada’s rivers into the desert southwestern United States is nothing other than the export of Canada’s freshwater wealth. This proposed megaproject is not considered to be COST EFFECTIVE. It has little political support in Canada, makes no economic sense, would have an enormous negative ecological impact, and would cause immeasurable social problems if executed. Furthermore, the Canadian position on the North American Free Trade Agreement is to exempt water exports, in part specifically to pre-empt any attempted completion of the NAWAPA project.
Read my blog:


Water Shortages? No More! Lyndon LaRouche Presents 'Mega-Project NAWAPA Redux' ... I write to make several observations beginning with the plan offered by Mr. LaRouche is at the very least ambitious, though I find it declaratively lacking in one extremely important area. While this plan is bold and in some people’s minds even progressive, this plan as I read and understand it, is devoid of any outreach to “we” (the people) instead relying on the time honored tradition of force-feeding the public ... “for their own good.”

Moreover this plan as currently presented could only be accomplished under the complete domination of the ... WORLD BANK - WTO - IMF ... whose stipulations include they are supreme to the laws of any nation and are in fact, judge, jury, prosecutor and able to act with impunity.

I can wholeheartedly understand why Mr. LaRouche or anyone proposing such a venture would side track any intervention by “we” (the people) as we have a way of muddying the waters and prolonging the process which is categorically an anathema to any such project which is most often promulgated by a select few behind closed doors.

If this proposal were to be openly and honestly presented to “we” (the people) granting full disclosure and transparency, under those conditions i could support seeing where this project might go.

Respectfully submitted,

David Zetland

Barney Frank's looney congressional opponent also love NAWAPA.

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