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Saturday, 11 September 2010


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Emily Green

What a beautiful tribute. I've often thought about the chaos and fear and bravery that goes on in a crashing plane -- a close friend and frequent collaborator of mine from the Independent died in a 1995 Aero Peru crash off Lima. I still wonder where she is. There is nothing harder to compute than a sudden, violent, unexpected death. Surely the victim is just late? But add planned and dedicated murderousness to the mix, and it becomes so much more unfathomable, shocking, horrible -- enough to unhinge a nation. For me, and I hope for others, your processing of the loss of Ann Campana Judge will help us gradually accept what happened, maybe even why. With many thanks from Emily Green (Diet Pepsi, Marlboro Ultralight, Jameson).


MIKE ... I join with many to extend to you my condolences on your loss on Sept 11, 2001.

Having said that I must confess, I have NEVER been able to "buy" the "story" fabricated by Bush/Cheney and propagated by for-profit-corporate mass media as the "official" truth surrounding the event.

Without full, open, complete, unabridged disclosure and transparency there is for me far too much conveniently swept under the rug.


Eric Perramond

Condolences, Aquadoc. I had no idea that your sister had passed this way. Our thoughts are with you and your sister.


Each year on the 9/11 anniversary, I watch (again) the documentaries that re-air on the tragedy, though I 've seen them multiple times. For whatever reason, I think it's wrong to let the pain and horror fade, diminish or dull. Always remember it, always feel it. We share your pain. Still.


Dear Christina, David, and Eric.

Thank you all for your comments and kind words.

Eric - It is good to hear from you. I really appreciate your sentiments. Ann would most definitely approve your quaffing a pint of beer. She might start drinking boilermakers!

David - Thanks for your condolences. I don't agree that nothing has changed; I think things have gotten worse, certainly from the standpoint of divisions within the USA. And I do not think all terrorists are the result of the autocratic, incompetent governments in the Middle East and elsewhere. Some terrorists really are religious fanatics. But the Saudis 'move things along' because of their wealth and support of ultraconservative Muslim factions. And yes, the Saudi government is corrupt, repressive incompetent, and autocratic.

Christina Dian Parmionova



During some quiet time today I was reflecting on 9/11, how grateful I am to be an American, how proud I am of our troops, and other similar patriotic musings. I was wishing that there was some way I could let the 9/11 victims know that they have not been forgetten. Though that is impossible, I hope that their families can find some comfort in knowing this. Thinking of you and all the other families today....

I don't drink scotch, but I will hoist a pint of beer in memorial later today.


David Zetland

First, my condolences.

Second, I suggest that you put some of your grief, anger, wisdom and skills into reversing this: "When we buy Saudi oil, some of our money goes to organizations that support these kinds of people. We should never forget that."

Much of the frustration that drove the hijackers to kill themselves and others came from lives lived in countries where freedom was curtailed by self-serving governments and rulers. America's unwavering and unquestioning support for those countries attracted the terrorists' attention. They attacked us because we were a softer target than their own rulers.

Nothing has changed since 9/11.

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